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Collaborative, high-confidence analysis - all in one place.


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One online workspace to transform quantitative data to decisions

Wrapped up as an integrated service, labs no longer have to procure hardware, manage infrastructure, or worry about increasing cores for those big and complex experiments. Built for scale and collaboration, Mass Dynamics processes, visualizes, stores and enables making sense of massive datasets, with ease.

Proteomics pipeline

High confidence results with built in Quality Control

One of our most popular features, it's designed to help scientists quickly assess several aspects of experiment quality in the areas of: Experiment Health, Feature Completeness, Sample Preparation and Identifications.

Review it, and then move switfly into analyzing and making sense of your data with ease and confidence.

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Analyse seamlessly

With built-in and flexible modules, making sense of your data is now enjoyable! Create protein lists, volcano plots, violin plots and poweful heaptmaps with ease, or dive into over-representation or enrichment analysis with just a few clicks.

Need to take a break? No problem, because all of your data and settings are auto-saved while you work.

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Collaborate like never before

We know the challenges that come with managing thousand-row spreadsheets and email trails.

And that's why we've built features to ensure you, your team members and collaborators can all work within the one experiment. 

Go from processing and analyzing proteomics data, through to sharing and collaborating - all in one place.

Collaborate like never before 3x

Explore more features

Discover biological biomarkers, create insights into disease mechanisms, discover new drug targets or identify changes in protein levels from a set of carefully designed experiments.

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Science is complex, being a scientist doesn't have to be

Mass Dynamics accelerates the work of all kinds of Life Scientists.

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Life Scientists

Such as biologists or clinicians who focus on finding answers to critical biological questions using -omics approaches.

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Omics Experts

Those who leverage analytical instrumentation to acquire data for their own or lab's research, or to progress a collaborator's work.

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Those who inject a combination of computational methods and biology expertise into studies to make sense of enormous datasets.


Read what our customers and members say about us

CSL large

"Mass Dynamics has enabled us to lift our innovation to the next level.”

Lucy Cao photo
Lucy Cao

CSL Limited

envision sciences

"It's clear that Mass Dynamics' first-class team has built a powerful service that has been instrumental in making sense of our mountain of complex data, and driving  our commercialisation efforts.”

Peter Pursey

CEO, Executive Chairman

Envision Sciences


“This is the service I have been waiting years for!”

nishma gupta photo
Nishma Gupta

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Bio21


“Mass Dynamics is easy, intuitive, fast and foolproof.  I made an account and within 30 minutes had all my projects uploaded and got back high-quality, easy to underestand charts and graphs!”

Chaylen Andolino
Chaylen Andolino, Ph.D

Senior Research Associate

Proteomics Core Facility

Purdue University

griffith-university cropped

"I absolutely love the process. Especially the web-based data processing, and the ability to view the results."

kathir alagesan photo
Kathir Alagesan

Research Fellow, Griffiths Institute


“As proteomics becomes more common to biomedicine, Mass Dynamics streamlined approach accelerates the introduction to new information.  Mass Dynamics is an accessible platform, with informative consultation, and overall great service partners!”

Sam Senyo
Assist. Prof. Sam Senyo

Principal Investigator

Dept of Physiology and Biophysics

School of Medicine

Case Western Reserve University 

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