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Bruker, Biognosys and Mass Dynamics

March, 2024

Pioneering a collaborative era in accelerated LC-MS proteomics discoveries.

The synergy between Bruker's data generation (data), raw data processing by  the Bruker ProteoScape and Biognosys Spectronaut software (information), and Mass Dynamics' analytical capabilities (knowledge) has revolutionized the proteomics research landscape.

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Generic Format Technical Note

With 'simplicity' at our core, we have expanded our existing analysis pipeline in which data can be uploaded. This enables users to process any summarized protein intensity data. This means no matter what software you use to pre-process raw MSP data, you can transform this to knowledge seamlessly using MassDynamics 1.0.


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Enrichment Analysis Application Note

To accelerate the transition from Mass Spectrometry data to knowledge generation to inform validation studies, facilitate new hypotheses and enable more discoveries.



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